Senior Pets for Seniors

By Neal Boyd

There are a lot of older cats and dogs looking for humans they can relate to.  Pets have much to offer, from helping reduce stress to providing unmatched companionship.  We spoke with Alicia Haefele at the Louisiana SPCA and discussed why adopting an older animal might be a perfect choice for a mature adult.


When searching for the perfect pet, you should consider how compatible you and your new friendís energy levels are.  For an older dog, a few minutes strolling in the backyard may be all the exercise they need.  Similarly, older cats spend most of their days sleeping (in the best cases, right in the ownerís lap).


Unlike puppies and kittens, a senior pet is already grown up, so the pet you meet is the pet you get.  Many already know what itís like to be part of a family, as a large number are brought to shelters due to situations like major illness, divorce or relocation to non-pet friendly residences.  Additionally, most of them are already house trained, allowing you to spend more quality time getting to know your little partner as opposed to training them.

A senior pet is already grown up, so the pet you meet is the pet you get.

Senior Pet Programs

There are “senior pets for seniors” programs at shelters and animal rescues across the country, many of which reduce or waive adoption costs completely.  Contact your local shelter to see if you have a new friend waiting for you, or use online resources like or

Senior pets are steadily increasing in number at shelters as owners find themselves unable to properly care for them due to age or other circumstances.  By taking part in a senior pets program, youíll make life better for yourself and for a dog or cat who simply wants to adore you.