Are You a Home Shopping Addict?

By Caitlin Watzke

Home shopping channels make it easy to make purchases from the comfort of your couch.  They present viewers with a ìbuy nowî urgency, and they allow customers to divide purchases into monthly payments, which may make items seem more affordable.

If boxes from home shopping channels are piling up on your doorstep, or if you have gone into debt from making too many purchases from those channels, you may have a shopping addiction.

Use the Bergen Shopping Addiction Scale, developed by researchers at the Faculty of Psychology at the University of Bergen in Norway, to recognize symptoms of shopping addiction.

Bergen Shopping Addiction Scale
Answers: (0) completely disagree  (1) disagree  (2) neither disagree nor agree  (3) agree  (4) completely agree

If you scored “agree” or “completely agree” on four or more of the seven items, you may have a shopping addiction. If you think you have a shopping addiction, you may want to visit a therapist who can provide cognitive-behavioral treatment, join the closest Debtors Anonymous group or get credit counseling.