8 Ways to Make New Friends

Your spouse is gone.  Your kids are grown.  How do you remake your life? If you’re on the south side of 60 and wondering what’s next, cheer up! There are lots of people just like you, eager to establish new, pleasant relationships.

Make a list of your hobbies and interests.  This can reveal opportunities to relate to others who share your enthusiasm.  This new beginning can be an exciting time of growth.

1- Follow your heart.  If you love golf, photography or cooking, these activities can open new friendships when you join a club, take a class or invite others to share your passion.

2- If you’re good with animals, you are guaranteed to meet people when you call a shelter and offer to provide free labor.

3- Visit the local hospital and volunteer your time.  On holidays and weekends, your visits will brighten everyone’s day, and you’ll create lasting friendships.

4- Gyms and health clubs offer many options for building new relationships.  Join an exercise class, take lessons in yoga or try new dance steps.  Most clubs have activities specially designed for seniors.

5- Check out the offerings at your public library.  Maybe you’re just the person to read to children.  Enroll in group classes on subjects like poetry, writing or acting.

6- Go to church.  Your church has countless opportunities for your service, and youíll find lots of like-minded friends.

7- Get a part-time job.  Pick employers that could make use of your talents  Or try something new, like working in a coffee shop or a clothing store.

8- The Internet is a treasure trove of opportunities to meet others.  One of the best sites is meetup.com.  Enter your zip code and select a topic that interests you.  You’ll be directed to a group in your area that is doing just what you selected.  If you don’t find a group, you can start one.

By Greg Fox

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