Janska: American Made Style

Nestled against the Rocky Mountains in Colorado Springs is Janska, a success story with heart. Jan Erickson, owner, designer and visionary behind Janska, had a
dream one night to create a jacket that provided comfort, style and dignity for a friend in a long-term care facility. Born from that creative process came a flood of ideas that today is the foundation of her work.

Not all growing apparel brands are laced with the same pride and style found in every American-made Janska product. Today, Erickson also spends time educating other entrepreneurs and consumers in how to help improve the U.S. economy through job creation and responsible purchasing habits. She wants people to be aware that “1 million additional jobs would be created if each year, consumers would thoughtfully read the labels and proudly purchase only three garments that have been made in the USA.”

Beyond the dignity and business strategies that keep Janska thriving, their innovative styling is the cherry on top. The staple “Reversible Fleece” collection is unparalleled, as it showcases sleek styles paired with sporty and soft fleece fabrics that are comfy and warm.
The “All Weather” collection is created for ultimate function and style. With so many styles to choose from, this collection will fit into your wardrobe year round.

Keep an eye out for more innovative designs by Janska, including the “Packable” collection that will be available in March 2016. This collection is made with a waterproof fabric and includes an inside passport pocket and a built-in bag.

By Whitney Alexandra