An Alternative Route?

Modern medicine is constantly evolving.  Unfortunately, science has yet to find a cure for all diseases, and patients are often left feeling hopeless.  What happens when there is an incurable prognosis, or the body rejects specific medicines?

The holistic medicinal approach may be a route to explore.  It is sometimes misunderstood and often a topic of controversy among traditional practitioners.  However, patients who have used holistic medicine to deal with mental or medical problems have often experienced amazing results.

The holistic approach evaluates well-being as a whole and identifies mental and/or physical imbalances and the connection between the two.

The Mayo Clinic explains, “Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) is the popular term for health and wellness therapies that have typically not been part of conventional Western medicine.  Complementary means treatments that are used along with conventional medicine.  Alternative means treatments used in place of conventional medicine.”

CAM focuses on mind, body and spiritual connection while also integrating modern medicine.  The following are typical ìmind-bodyî practices:

  • Yoga: Physical postures that allow the body and mind to connect through the use of breath
  • Meditation: Mental exercise concentrated on repetitive breathing and clearing the mind for the purpose of deep relaxation
  • Acupuncture: Ancient Chinese practice of pricking the skin with tiny needles at pressure points to alleviate emotional, mental and physical ailments
  • Spinal manipulation: Technique used to restore the spine’s structural integrity and reduce pain
  • Massage therapy: Focuses on using gentle application of the hands to address specific circular pathways in a sequential pattern
  • Herbal treatments: Use of herbs and natural dietary supplements

Consult your physician before attempting an alternative to present medical care, do your own research and ask about your options. Visit the Academy of Integrative Health & Medicine’s website ( to find a local provider and research their credentials.

*Do not attempt an alternative medicinal approach without consulting your physician.

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