Lifetime Learning

If you assume that skill development is age sensitive, think again. Not only does learning a new skill keep your mind sharp, studies show it also helps to prevent depression, anxiety and dementia.

Take advantage of these great opportunities:

  • Take a Class. Sixty percent of North American colleges and universities offer classes to older students at discounted price or at no charge.
  • Train for a New Career. The American Association of Community Colleges’ Plus 50 Initiative trains people 50 and older for second careers such as, teaching or human resource management.
  • Earn a Fast Track Degree. Use life experience credits to waive some required courses and reduce tuition costs.
  • Find a Grant. Check out and to find groups and foundations that offer grants and scholarships to older students.

It’s never too late to learn!

If a man learns in early life, his life is like a dawn which is going to grow increasingly brighter. If he learns in middle age, his life is like the bright sunshine at noon. If he learns in late life, his life is like the afternoon sunshine. If he learns near the end of his life, his life is like a candle lit to guide his life in the darkness.” Ancient Chinese Proverb