Mountain Trek Wellness Retreat

Reverse the effects of aging and experience vitality at Mountain Trek. At this all-inclusive, luxurious wellness retreat, you will:

  • Relax fully, reduce stress and reset your metabolism.
  • Reclaim your health with a body full of energy, vitality and spirit.
  • Energize your day with yoga, hiking and educational classes.
  • Achieve natural hormonal balance through education and action.
  • Improve your eating with a natural-focused meal program.
  • Enjoy seasonal, local, wild and organic foods.
  • Retreat and reconnect with yourself and nature.

The Summer Fitness Hiking Program in Nelson, Canada, is $4,500 USD weekly per person.  It’s as if you’re standing in a postcard with scenery of mountaintops, mirror-calm lakes, forests as far as the eye can see and hiking trails with some of the most beautiful views in the world.

Fall and winter programs at the Rancho La Puerta Health Spa and Resort in Baja, Mexico, are $4,650 weekly.  The resort features world-class amenities with private adobe casitas, organic gardens, health spas, swimming pools and tennis courts.

Mountain Trek
British Columbia, Canada and Baja, Mexico


A Map to Better Health

Travel is linked to health benefits such as decreased risk of heart attack, promotion of brain health. Travel promotes physical activity and may lower the risk of dementia because new experiences, cultures and environments stimulate the brain.  Travel also helps people forget the stressors of work and relax.

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